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(Gold Coast, Australia)

A Private Club for Couples and Bi Girls

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Gold Coast Swingers Club (Gold Coast, Australia) is a swingers club for local residents and visitors to Australia's lovely Gold Coast in Queensland near Brisbane. Our Gold Coast swingers parties are the hottest action around for attractive couples and bi girls. At our parties, we love naughty play and sex. Swingers Gold Coast is a private club and is always free. Just come and play and have a great time.

Gold Coast Swingers Club is only for Gold Coast swingers including couples and bi girls. We are sorry single guys this club is not for you. We arrange swingers parties and play parties for interested adults in Gold Coast, Australia. We are a real club--not just for internet chat. We are not a dating site.

The Gold Coast is home to some of the best looking couples and girl in Australia. Come have sex with us in and out of our bikinis. Sex after Beach is our speciality.

Our Swingers parties are for like minded adults. Journalists, up-tight residents, minors and cameras are never welcome. We believe in private consensual sexual play among hot couples and bi girls. We always aim to conform to community standards for decency, noise and respect for neighbors. We look forward to seeing you at our next swingers party. They are always the hottest party in town. Come Play with us Today.

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